Smile Daddy I am Dying

One mans story of slowly losing a child - Robin Hood


Smile Daddy I am DyingSmile Daddy I am Dying is the title of a biography written about Robin Hood.

The book charts his journey to raise money to find a cure for the condition Alex, his daughter, was born with in 1989. Robin’s story is compelling, and also sad as his daughter died in 2008.The title came from words said by Alex to her father when they had been told by the consultant all hope was lost. Robin is delighted this book is being published as he said:

“This will let people know what a remarkable daughter I had who achieved so much despite all she endured and I am proud to say that I was her Father”.


The book will be available in March, priced at £10.00 & £3.15 postage and packaging (UK Mainland).
In addition to the Book you can buy the DVD at £4.50.

Watch this compelling documentary featuring factual information about a cure for this wicked condition that affects so many people. Several interviews with Cherie Blair, Alex Salmond and Michael Portillo. A world expert on finding an effective treatment for this genetic condition tells of the tremendous advancements been made and that a cure will be with us soon.This a must see film that puts all Robin's hard work into perspective.

Profits from the sale of the Book and DVD will go towards research into the type of EB lived with through the Sohana Resarch Fund.

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